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Quilt the Band a Lincoln Nebraska 4 piece band with a many miles behind them but many more to go. Montgomery is putting up some or his songs to keep us in new material. I really like playing them. I grew up with REM U2 and many more influences, The Feelies, The Pixies, Velvet Underground. I really liked Versus when they came out, Sonic Youth, Sebadoh, Ween, too many to mention. I try to write new songs and it takes me quite some time lately but I am trying to write more.

We will be putting out an album as soon as it is done. I really want to get it done in a couple of months. Below is our calender. Check back once and a while to see where and when we are playing.

Contact Randy Duerr
Email: randy@quilt-theband.com

Quilt the Band (left to right- Brett, Randy, Montgomery, Eric)

quilt the band

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